June 9, 2013

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July 21, 2012

  • Xanga Lost 100s and 100s of my pictures

    That were posted to various blogs across the internet and those blogs are now consequently ruined. These are pix and posts over the course of the last 8 years. It would be impossible to find all of these posts and replace the pictures that Xanga have “lost”- they have done absolutely nothing whatsoever to even attempt to resolve this matter – they asked me for the links – I provided some on July 16th 2012 and now today the same person named Eugenia made the same identical request. I thoroughly hate Xanga. Their site is insecure I have to sign in at random times even though I choose to remain signed in and they’ve done nothing to remedy any of this. I even offered to pay them ransom.

    If I have any followers out there and you know of some place where I can SAFELY store pix that provides post codes and unlike the Holy Christian Nazi bastard Photobucket accept pictures of cock pussy whatever please let me know – I suspect Xanga willfully intentionally and knowingly did this to me because their servers are in NJ and that fat fucking disgusting hemmoroid asshole Chris Christie told them to or else Bernie Saunders told them to because I posted a blog exposing Vermont soap as price fixers – who the fuck knows – gutless two faced political whores are gutless two faced political whores. So Xanga just to let you know I hate you with all of my heart soul and flesh; thanks for ruining my on line life. I shall always remember you for doing so.

January 3, 2012

  • Dear Xanga – I Fucking Hate You – for

    making me sign in every goddamn mother fucking time I come her to access my pictures – I pay you $25.00 every fucking year – if you have to do this to allow hackers access how many dollars do you want to either – get a fucking secure sign in or – as a bribe to say fuck you to hackers – like what the fuck ??

July 13, 2011

May 31, 2011

  • Intermezzo – “The Trick”

    This is something that all, sexually functional men, ought to know about

    All women have the power to make your cock magnificently hard, ozing pre cum and make you feel like they’re the only woman you’ll ever need; ironically very few of those women exercising such power can actually use it to make you cum

    In my view, this is a willful, intentional and malicious abuse of Goddess power that woman do exercise over men for the primary purpose of money; and I further believe that it’s a contributing factor to prostate cancer, other maladies of the cock and male depression.

    The way this works is by the aspiration of every sexually functional man, to devote his cum to something and him needing that something to want it. This is the chief reason men will ‘cum for you on cam’ because it is an intimate act of him showing you his pride and joy naked and exposed and you be willing to watch creates the impression in his mind that his devotion of cum is to and for you.

    Obviously this is primarily a mental function assisted by his own self stimulus and you just being cool.

    I personally enjoy doing this but utilize my own power in several ways (1) Having a Goddess image whom ultimately will use me in the same manner c2c, with Love and friendship or (2) randomly, with women urging the cum out of me and/or any men willing to cum for her. On AFF for example the typical woman will have at least 1000 men at any given time simultaneously shooting cum for her, many of those doing so on cam; but in any event, the ultimate factor is that they want your cum – and this is the most important of all factors – is that want of your cum, genuine, or is it an act?

    If it’s an act then you will have to make yourself cum but if it’s genuine then cumming will be irrresistible – e.g., slow, tender Loving strokes.

    Ultimately it is the reciprocal, want, and, action upon that want, that makes both cum – that is – the woman seeing that the man is wanting to devote his cum to her, arouses and excites her, and her being aroused and excited making her wanting it more and more eventually leads them both to orgasmic bliss. The only exception is that self stimulus and the number of random people over time, conjoined with the sense of Liberation, will eventually create a similar result.

      For men, the random approach is probably the closest thing to being gang banged

    Patriarchs have attributed this phenomenon of male orgasm to the animalistic urge to procreate and there is probably some truth to that since only the man has to cum in order to make the woman pregnant; but others having a scientific background will also tell you that sex is indeed mental, that a person gets turned on – i.e., hard and ozing pre cum or wet and wanting to cum – from something that happens in their mind, which is connected to their sexual interface – i.e., the frenum of their cock or the clit hood at 2 o’clock. 

    So if both persons are willing and understand then both will have an effortless orgasm or more with Loving feelings and hopefully friendship afterwards.

    In my case, I have done this for so long that a 3rd factor has devloped which is a sort of sexual intuition.

      I can sense when a woman is a fake – that is – she’s only using the power to get me obsessed and addicted to her so that I’ll pay her to continue; or possibly that she’s some sort of psychopath seeking to hurt men because a man hurt them in the past. Most hustlers using this power, for money, will be less direct than ‘give me the money bitch’ – they’ll want you “to help” them – e.g., pay their rent, phone bill, O dear he was sending me money Western Union I’ll pay you right back when it comes but I need money right now and so hate to ask; and it’s easy for men to fall for this too because of the social roles that men have created for themselves – e.g., can’t get a hard on? Not to worry just give her cash she’ll be just as happy; be a “real man”, give her money. And now a days, after decades of Christian Conservatism, it seems that paying for it is the only way to have Heterosexual action, whether it’s a $1000.00 “escort”, a $2.00 a minute cam whore; or you’re just “dating” via on line – minimum requirements: car, gas money, clothes, money for dinner and drinks, money for a motel room and probably a “help me” fee at the end of the night or else keep paying until I decide to let you marry me or move in; which is the same thing but plays into the monogamy trick too.

    “If you’re so unhappy why don’t you get a job” – i.e., that way you can purchase your pleasure.

    If the woman is for real and when your cock is throbbing hard, drooling precum and you’re tingling all over – tell her that, ask her to help you cum and if it’s effortless, she’s real, if you have to make yourself cum, she’s a fake.  In short, and at least for men, if a woman makes your cock so hard and big that it doesn’t even look like your own, feels wonderful and drools pre cum at the mere thought of her, but she never makes you cum, and you have to do that yourself -e.g., by rubbing fast and hard or fucking in a similar manner – then that means they’re not interested in your jizz; you’re being played as a trick and chances are close to 100% that the reason is money.

    Other ancillary factors are that most women forestall this power, which is apparently a function of monogamy – e.g., the whore only turns it on for her husband or boyfriend, her tricks have to cum themselves but if she’s got a nice pussy and knows how to use it, with some nice and very pleasant assisting moves, it’s better than a hand and because Conservatism makes sex practically impossible in any other way, men pay for it, which in turn, encourages and provides for an endless supply of whores.

    Welcome to Conservative America

May 26, 2011

  • Why I Deleted Randall Bass from My Space

    The warm gentle touch of your smooth finger tips and palms as you delicately cradle and fondle my smooth shaved testicles … all of it tinctured, now, with nauseations of mayonnaise from your saturated cole slaw cup, cold, lifeless, ruthlessly tossing them about like something less than … Titleists … it’s just not the same anymore Randy, you’re too rough, passionless, uninspired !! you made me impotent, I can’t get a hard on anymore: you’ve left me torn between turning towards this Heterosexual thing and … masturbating to head shots of Richard Nixon.

May 19, 2011

March 20, 2011


    Cataclysmic Cocktides and Other Epijisms

    Has a New Home



    Harold2 Harold3

    Harold is worried about money his gf wants two dollars and won’t “lay for [him]”. So his friend tells him about work at Nick’s Store. Harold chks it out. Nick says sure two dollars for work in the backroom.

    Harold4 Harold5

    They get back there Nick’s got his big Old cock out and tells Harold to bend over the flour for two dollars. Harold eyes pop at the size but he does as he’s told. O it hurts Nick let me blow it for you 

    Harold6 Harold7

    Nick is cumming O you are so good come back later I’ll give you 5 dollars if you stay all night.

    Harold8 Harold9

     Harold rushes over to his gartered girl waiting on the couch, hands over the two dollars tells her she’ll never know how hard he had to work for it. She is O so pleased. Give me a good fuck Harold then you can rest all you want.